Three years

Yesterday I received word about my PhD. My grant is going to last only for 3 years, which is a considerably short time for a PhD… but, considering that this work is going to be a continuation of work I’ve done in my masters, it gets a little easier to make it happen in that time.

It’s going to be tight, though. That means less time for fooling around and overall procrastination. Also, it is quite possible that a lot of things I wanted to explore will be left out, perhaps to be addressed later on.
That’s alright, though. Besides, there’s always the possibility for an extension (though I would feel much better if I didn’t need one), and my stipend will be quite comfortable, so I can save up a good money for the hard times. 
That said, I will do as Obama told America: get up, dust myself off, and get back to work. And start to wonder where the hell I’m going to be three years from now.